1. A Practical Wedding: This site has tons in the way of wedding info but this blog talks all about how to reserve hotel blocks for your big day.
  2. Money Crashers: While this site might not sound wedding related, it’s all about how to save and make smart money decisions. This article though will give you great ideas for venues that all are affordable and fun.
  3. Martha Stewart Weddings: Take it from Martha Stewart, she has some great venues to share with you.
  4. Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed has it all but this specific post shares 33 awesome ways you can save money on your wedding!
  5. HuffPost: Before you book anything, read this post over. There might be something you’ve not yet considered.
  6. Group Travel: This article is short and sweet and covers all the big questions when booking hotels for your wedding.
  7. Destination Wedding Mag: Discover affordable and simply amazing honeymoon locations plus much more on this website.
  8. Skipper: This is a 101 guide all about wedding blocks. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be one of the experts.

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