Imagine the big day. The flowers are stunning, the bridesmaids are present, and the groom is awaiting his beautiful bride. Too bad the happy couple hired an unprofessional band. They haven’t arrived yet, and the bride is now facing walking down the aisle to the tunes of her sister’s smartphone. It’s a disaster, and there are three major mistakes people make when hiring a wedding band that can help to avoid this type of wedding nightmare.

1. Insist on a contract

It doesn’t matter if you have a well-known, professional band with a great reputation or your cousin, Bob, is going to serenade your wedding guests. Make sure you have a contract.

A contract ensures that expectations are clearly understood and agreed to. It also elevates the commitment of the band. Any details about the ceremony can be clarified through contract language, and prices are set in stone. Getting it on paper clarifies the intent of the wedding couple to the band, and it solidifies the scheduling. A contract is taken back to a calendar, and it will not be forgotten. No contract…it’s a gamble.

2. Consider your venue

When thinking about wedding bands to consider booking, consider the venue. Some venues have restrictions about noise levels or the number of band members that can be on stage. Also, consider the abilities of the band, so music can be supplemented with recordings when necessary. In this respect, make sure the venue is equipped with whatever equipment the band needs. Do you need a stage? Do they have proper electrical outlets for sound equipment? If the band has never performed at the venue, have them meet with the venue’s manager.

3. Plan every detail

Maybe your band is also emceeing the event. If so, they will need to be properly guided about what to say and directed as to tone if they are allowed to improvise. An emcee allowed to perform carte blanche may have off-color humor. It needs to be clarified. Bands also need breaks, so make sure you have backup music to play during those breaks. Put every detail in the contract, so it can be reviewed by band members and nothing is forgotten.

Don’t make these mistakes!

It is easy to get complacent with bands who have personable managers and good reputations. Don’t rely on faith that they are going to perform up to expectations. Get it in writing, make sure the venue will work, and plan every detail! It’s the only way to ensure that what you have pictured will come to life during the ceremony.