Make Booking for Your Wedding Easy and Affordable

Tahoe City in sunny California is breathtaking, making it a very popular spot when it comes to wedding ceremonies and honey moons. The problem is that finding an amazing hotel with everything you want is often over priced or unavailable. Lake Tahoe Wedding Accommodations’s sole purpose is to make finding and reserving the most luxurious hotels and ski resorts for you and your guests, easy and affordable. Founder and expert agent, Melly Morse, built this business from the ground up. The foundation of our company is providing exceptional and unforgettable customer service every single time.

There are so many reasons that make us a unique and trusted service and the biggest one of all is the fact that we’re located right here in Tahoe City. We know the area like the back of our hand, which allows us to find and suggest the best hotels for your needs and budget.

Why Use Us for Booking?

  • It’s simple: Due to our location, many of the hotels and resorts offer us special discounts that they don’t offer to customers that go straight to them. In other words, you’re almost guaranteed to receive a better dealĀ through us than anywhere else!
  • Our service is free of charge. There is no risk in using us to help you find what you need because there isn’t an added expense or hidden fees!
  • No robots. No stress in wondering if you’ll be able to reach a real person when calling. We’re here for you and waiting for your phone call.
  • We do more than just book hotels and resorts. Recently, we’ve expanded our services and incorporated condo rentals as well. This has proven to be especially helpful for large parties looking to stay in the city and surrounding areas for an extended period of time.
  • Your privacy is important to us. Contact information is never sold and is only discussed between you and our agents.

Your wedding or any event that you’re looking to plan, is our specialty. We understand how stressful it is to find and book accordingly, not to mention how expensive it can get. What’s even better, is first time customers are gifted a 20% discount on any hotel, resort or condo of their choice. Don’t waste another minute stressing, contact us today! For any questions and inquiries, please visit ourĀ Contact Us page. Once there, you’ll find our direct email and can read more about owner, Melly Morse.